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  1. Greetings!
    I am trying to find the guitar chords and lyrics to the song that you referenced “so many lives depend on …. Going on toward the mark, toward my home….
    I do not know the name of the song but when I googled “so many lives….” Your website came up.
    Do you have the name of the song, please?
    Thank you,

    Virginia bilotta at Reply
    • Hello Virginia!

      So great to hear from you!

      I’m sorry, but all I remember is the chorus, and I have also tried to find it, but did not. Thought it might be Andre Crouch, but it did not come up in his song lists. Maybe some of the Gaither videos might have it on there??

      Please feel free to let me know if you do come across it, and I will do the same!

      Blessings for a wonderful week!

      Giselle at Reply
  2. Hi Giselle

    Since returning home after a glorious weekend just past I have been listening to your songs and using them as my devotional and meditating on the scriptures they are based on – Fountains of Blessings Rev. 22:1, As for Me Psa 73:28. I have been deeply in touch with the Lord "You make known to me the path of life; in Your Presence there is fullness of joy in Your right hand are eternal pleasures" Psa 16:11

    Truly Blessed Thank you  lindalee

    Stay Blessed Keep Blessing

    lindaleealpi at Reply
    • Hello LindaLee!

      What a blessing to hear from you here! What a Sweetie you are! I know what you mean, as all these songs given to me by the Lord still minister to me personally every day; a reminder by His Grace of His Word to my heart, and all the overcoming places I have walked through. And if they saw (see) me through; I know He is able to use them for everyone else as well. He has been way too good to me; Just had to pass it on! Glory to Him alone!

      Blessings in Jesus for a super day!

      Love and Prayers,


      Giselle at Reply
  3. Hello Bo!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write, and sharing your appreciation with us.
    It really means a lot to us!
    Blessings in Jesus for a super Easter weekend!

    giselle at Reply

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