September 23rd, 2016


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I would like to dedicate these few lines of thought to the Glory of God!

Devotional by Giselle

We have in this verse the answer from the Lord to all the questions concerning what God’s desire for one’s life should be. It simply says from God’s perspective what He defines as the measurement of what is “good” in a person’s life. We are to live as just (to treat with fairness and reasonableness), kind people (having loyalty, to display generosity and compassion toward others), and walk with humility (without pretension, modest and respectful) before God. And how does one ever hope to attain to such great, yet simple requirements from the Lord? By taking responsibility for our personal (individual) every day choices, as this above verse is not a mere suggestion, but rather a commandment. These three far reaching qualities are looked upon as being essential, because they encompass the essence and intention of how we were always meant to live from the time of creation.

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