September 14th, 2017


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I would like to dedicate these few lines of thought to the Glory of God!

Devotional by Giselle

There is a song I remember from years back which says,” I’m going on toward the mark, toward my Home. So many lives depend on what I do; give me the strength, dear Lord, I’m going on for You.” What an eye-opener, especially when our eyes have wandered, and have been distracted by varied daily situations. We will never know what influence for Eternity we have had on anyone until we get to Heaven, but we can know for sure what the impact would be if we were to let go of our testimony here and now. Imagine our spouse, children, friends, people in the Church, family members who are closely watching us, people we have witnessed to. The list can go on forever. It is so important to know that there is always someone else that I will affect for good or for bad in my daily walk. I may deceive myself for a while that what I do as a Christian does not really matter that much to a lot of people.

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